get in the best shape

of your life

Enjoy a new start with a results-based fitness and health program that will change your life!

get in the best shape

of your life

Enjoy a new start with a results-based fitness and health program that will change your life!

flexible schedule

personal accountability

community driven


Where will i find the time?

What should I be doing for nutrition?

How do I get back on track?

What fitness program is best for me?

Will i ever see real, lasting results


You Need a program with...

Personal Training at CrossFit Shear Force


Do you need extra accountability?  1:1 coaching will help you reach your goals while building healthy habits.


Work with our nutrition coach to get a custom nutrition plan for your lifestyle and fitness and health goals.

group classes

Choose from one of our class programs to lose weight, gain muscle, and improve endurance.


You will be given support throughout your fitness and health journey. You’re not alone!

The problem is most gyms are...


You have no idea where to start, how to get results, and how to get help.


It's scary to start a new fitness program and feel like the "new kid on the block."


You do the same thing everyday–it's boring and you aren't seeing results.

CrossFit Shear Force


Our results based approach takes all the guesswork away by giving you everything you need to improve the way you look, feel, and perform.

Stop wasting time…

Develop healthy eating habits and get great workouts in a safe, clean and friendly environment.



Meet with a coach

Sit down with our professional staff to talk about your fitness goals.

CrossFit Shear Force
get a custom plan

Get a custom plan that is designed with your lifestyle and goals in mind.

CrossFit Shear Force
get results

Get fitter than you have ever been with your new outlook on health.


I choose CrossFit Shear Force for my health and wellness needs because of the excellent attention to detail and no-nonsense coaching. The supportive, uplifting, and motivated community is also a plus. My husband and I have been working out sporadically through the past year so it has been great to finally get into a routine with our workouts again. It was a welcoming find and only 9 minutes away from home! The workouts are varied yet movements appear often enough to allow you time to practice them especially during the CrossFit Open Season. Rashad and his team of coaches are professional, prompt and make grinding through a workout an enjoyable experience! I highly recommend! PS. The gym has a kids area. This has been a blessing while my husband and I workout. Rashad (the owner) has also been amazing with our kiddos! We have been treated like family from the first moment we stepped in and to me this was a BIG relief especially to us being new to the area and not knowing anyone!

Charleen A.

I love CFSF! This was the first and only CF gym I have tried in this area. I went in not knowing anything about Crossfit . I knew it looked hard and knew I always wanted to try it but never thought I would have the experience I did . I was nervous about going in , not knowing anything , and just being thrown to the wolves . But their On Ramp class made it very easy to learn the different movements and I felt very comfortable . Rashad was awesome and worked around my schedule, being an extremely busy mom . The members there were very friendly and very eager to welcome new people . All of the coaches there are awesome and each have their own personality and style that makes class very entertaining . I preferred the 5:15 class due to my schedule and such a small class size . I feel like a smaller class size gives you more of a one on one experience and you can focus on your skill more. All the staff always offered very constructive advice to make sure you were doing the movement properly . I would recommend Shear Force to anyone . Unfortunately, I have to stop going due to my schedule with work and kids sports , but most certainly will return when life slows down a bit !

Shanna S.

I've been to many crossfit boxes across the US and world with my travels. Crossfit Shear Force is definitely one of my favorite boxes, and I'm glad that it's local to me. I've been attending here 3-4 times a week for a bit over a year and I've always had an excellent experience here. Coaches are very involved with the workouts. One thing that I love about this box is that they use wodify on two big screen TVs on the wall with the workout of the day shown on it. I've been to boxes with handwritten workouts and they're always a pain to read what is going on. Everyone who uses this box has been very pleasant and welcoming. There's no snobbery going on. If you're thinking about checking out Shear Force, don't hesitate! I would recommend anyone to go here.

Matt M

CrossFit Shear Force

1018 US-80, Unit 703

Pooler, GA 31322